About Diet Uttarkashi

Present name Uttarkashi to Barahat (older name of Uttarkashi city) was probably given by Adi Sankaracharya during visit to Barahat. He found its location like Kashi because it was situated between Varuna and Assi Ganga River and called it as Kashi of north. Its location and condition is very much similar to kashi. Vishawanath Temple, Annapurna Temple, Kalvhairav Temple, Manikarnika Ghat Etc. are also situated here as in Kashi. Even the lanes of Uttarkashi are Similar to Kashi and are similarly decorated. Uttarkashi is situated on the Bank of River Bhagarathi

Border District Uttarkashi Was formed on 24 Feb. 1960. Before it, it was a part of Tehri District. Even after independence of India, people of Tehri were under monarchy. After a long mass movement Tehri state was merged into India on 1 Aug. 1949 by last King of Tehri state king Manvendra shah and in this Way Tehri District came into existence as a part of UP state. For independence, people of Tehri State did a long revolution under the leadership of Sridev Suman, Nagendra saklani and Bholu Bhandari. Tilari under Rajagarhi (Barkot) tehsil is the symbol of that movement where in 1930 People gathered against Monarchy. It is famous as Tilarikand in history and now celebrated as Tilari day on 30th May every year.

District has its own religious, mythological, historical and strategic importance. It is called as land of God in Purans. Importance of uttarkashi was described in the vanparva of mahabharat, kedarkhand of Skandpuran and other mythological scriptures.Uttarkashi has beautiful natural resource (like Grassland called Bugyal), Hindu piligrim (Gangotri and Yamanotri) and origin of river Ganga and Yamuna. In ancient time trade were conducted from Tibet and Barahat It Was Commercial market of this area. After China attack in 1962, strategic importance of Uttarkashi was increased manyfoldes.
District Institute of Training & Education (DIET) is situated in Barkot (1800 mtr above sea level). Barkot (Rajgarhi) is a Tehsil Headquarter After crossing radi valley (2220 mtr above sea level) Barkot is the first town of yamuna valley and situated on the Bank of Yamuna. It is 86 KM away from the district Headquarters Uttarakashi. Except this S.D.M. office, tehsil office G.I.C., G.G.I.C, I.T.I. Govt.college, Polytechnic and many Pvt. Schools are located here.

Geographical status: –

North Himalayan area of the District is closer to china (Tibet) which makes the district sensitive form security point of view. That is why uttarkashi is a border district. In the east, district Chamoli, in west Dehradun and Himanchal pradesh and in south Tehri distrct is situated. Its Length is 144.84 km., width is 90.12 km and area is 8016 Sq. km. District Uttarkashi is situated in between 30.22 to 31.25 latitude and 71.51 to 79.27 longitutde.
88% area is coverd with forest. Forest has mainly tree of pines, Banj, Buransha, Kharasu, Attes, Himari, Pagar, walnut , cham, kharik, bhutia, almond, Deodar, fur, kail, Padma, Bhojpatra etc. At hight grass land called as Bugyal (Har ki dun and Dayara Bugyal) are found. Among birds monal, Kokila, Kaliz etc. are found. District has many beautiful lakes like Dodital, Nachiketa Tal, Saat Tal, Sahstra Tal, khara Tal, Saptarishi Tal etc. In mori block there is a place Kiroli tappad, were the highest pine tree of Asia is present. Its height is 60.64 Mtr. and width is 2.54 Mtr.

Adminstrative Structure: -

Uttarkashi comes under the Garhwal mandal. District is divided into Ganga and yamuna valley (known as rawain area). District has six tehsil and six blocks. It has also a Distrct Panchayat. There are 36 Nayan panchayat. There are two municipalities (Barkot & Uttarkashi), 03 nagar panchayat. District has 500 village panchayat. District has 36 B.R.P. and 52 C.R.P.

Introduction of DIET :-

1- Objectives and philosophy of DIET: - For the management of education curriculum development training policy etc. up to secondary level NCERT was working at national level and SCERT at state level. But these institutions were not able to conduct teacher training effectively at district level. So in NEP 1986 it was felt that there should be an institution at district level to implement central policy in district and counduct training at district level. Indeed it was an attempt to decentralise the teacher training program. Objectives of diet are as follow.

Brief history :-

Govt training school Barkot Established in 1965 was upgraded as DIET. in 1995-96 in third phase. Govt. Women traning School uttarkashi was also merged to DIET.It came into existence on 8th March 1996 and thenafter 8th March is celebrated as its Foundation day. In 1960, 10 Acre (192 Nali) land was donated to education department to establish institutions by local peoples. On this land, in 1996 present adminitrative building of DIET was construted.

In 1996 – 1997 with 54 boys and 126 Girls institute started its first batch of B.T.C. In September 2003 a computer lab was established in institute.

Objective of different department:-

Pre service department :-

Work experience department :-

DRU department :-

Inservice department:-

CMD& E department :-

Objective of ET department :-

Objective of management and planning department:-